Instagram Stories

Gen Z is hesitant to share anything less than perfect on Instagram. To encourage teens to express themselves more on Instagram Stories, we created hundreds of unique 15-sec videos, ranging from vogue dancing and mini-hoop dunking to fuzzy manicures and puppet skits. Below are some of my favorites.

Client: Instagram
Agency: R/GA
Team: Nadia Saccardo, Isobel Oliphant, Juliette Delerue, Mariam Farooq, Elizabeth Ferraro, Bria Benjamin, Zoe Farrell, Jason Saimpy, and many more.

My Thing
Show off your passions and hobbies
using Superzoom and Boomerang.

Get Real
Let your friends know
how you feel using Close Friends.

Into It
Open up to the world and show off
what you're into using Camera Formats.

Just Curious
Get creative and ask friends
with Interactive Stickers.

Make It A Moment
Elevate your everyday life with
Superzoom and Boomerang.


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