Instagram Story is a safe place for teens to have fun, get creative, and just be themselves.

To encourage teens to express themselves more on Stories, we created hundreds of 15-second Stories ranging from vogue dancing and mini-hoop dunking to fuzzy manicures and puppet skits. Below are some of my favorites.

My Thing 📚
Show off your passions and hobbies
using Superzoom and Boomerang.

Get Real 💥
Let your friends know
how you feel using Close Friends.

Into It 💘
Open up to the world and show off
what you're into using Camera Formats.

Just Curious 🤔
Get creative and ask friends
with Interactive Stickers.

Make It A Moment 🔥
Elevate your everyday life with
Superzoom and Boomerang.



Nadia Saccardo
Isobel Oliphant
Juliette Delerue
Mariam Farooq
Elizabeth Ferraro
Bria Benjamin
Zoe Farrell
Jason Saimpy


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