The story of hairy knees began when a high school friend of mine made fun of me for having hairy knees. Later it became my moniker because you need one when you share your last name with 20 million Kims around the world.

My real name is Ji ā€“ Iā€™m an Art Director based in New York, currently working at R/GA. Feel free to email or stalk me on Instagram + Linkedin.

ī‹ļøŽ R/GA New York
ī‹ļøŽ BBH New York
ī‹ļøŽ Ji Lee, Creative Lead at Facebook
ī‹ļøŽ YG Entertainment
ī‹ļøŽ Cheil Worldwide, Creative Tech Lab
ī‹ļøŽ Seoul Broadcasting System

ī‹ļøŽ School of Visual Arts
     BFA Advertising

ī‹ļøŽ New York Festivals, First Prize
ī‹ļøŽ Cannes Future Lions, Winner
ī‹ļøŽ Graphis New Talent, Platinum
ī‹ļøŽ One Show Young Ones, Merit
ī‹ļøŽ AdAge, Adweek, NY Daily News, and more

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